Mrs. Swati Banerjee Mukhopadhyay

Welcome to Bishnupur Heritage School.

Where education means all around development of a child.
  • We at Bishnupur Heritage School have a mission to make each child achieve his and her best. We strive to respect the unique individuality of each child.
  • We give lot of importance to make discipline a core value and encourage students to develop a sense of responsibility through a well planned academic schedule.
  • The school has a well planned curriculum. So that co-curricular activities also are given due importance. The school diary provides all the important information about  school like the routine , rules and regulations, uniform, test schedules, holidays, co-curricular activities and feedback from teachers . The parents should ensure that their ward is actively involved in all the activities.
  • We believe that a child will be successful in life if we accept him/her as they are and inspire them to become what they want to become.
  • The parents play the most important role in moulding the future of children. Their consistent support encourages us to do more and more. I will always be grateful to them.

I want to assure that the management and our team of experienced teachers are doing their best to give your child the required help to make his/her mark in this global world.

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