Our Mission

  • To Create high quality centre of learning which will Perpetuate the culture of India and its holistic Values.
  • To offer peace education to the students so as to inculcate in them the highest ethical standards and moral values of human life.
  • To prepare caring and dynamic citizens who will meet the challenges of a global society while retaining their traditional values.
  • The only CBSE affiliated English Medium Educational Institute in Bishnupur ,Bankura to be admired by all.

Our Vision

  • To Groom students to become enlightened citizens and good human being with leadership quality.
  • To identify the intrinsic potentials of the children and give them ahead start in life.
  • To stress on the development of body, mind, intellect and spirit of the children.
  • We invite the Learned monks of Ramakrishna mission to provide our learners the concept of a value based life.
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