1) When did the School commence?

Bishnupur Heritage School-CBSE started its journey in 2005.

2) What are the curriculums offered
Bishnupur Heritage School-CBSE?




Pre Primary




Standard 1 to Standard 5


Standard 6 to Standard 10



3) What is the Student: Mentor ratio
of a class?

Ratio is 25:1 (from Standard 1 to Standard
10) & 25:2 (from Pre- Nursery to Standard  1)

4) How can a Parent reach the Teacher?

SPTM’s are a great
time to meet a students Class Teachers. Weekly reports sent by each Class
Teacher also help Parents keep up with what’s happening in school.

For urgent matters-
they can SMS or call the reception

For appointments, they can contact
the teachers via SMS/ Emails.

5)What are the extra curricular

Extra-Curricular Activities are activities
which take place after school such as

Essay Writing Indoor Sports, Outdoor Sport, Helping Organize School Events,
Playing a musical Instrument, Singing,Dance,Drawing and painting, Art and craft

6) What is the minimum age criteria for
seeking admissions?


If the child is 2+


If the child is 3+


If the child is 4+

Class I

If the child is 5+

Class II

If the child is 6+

Class III

If the child is 7+

Class IV

If the child is 8+

Class V

If the child is

Class VI

If the child is 10+

Class VII

If the child is 11+

Class VIII

If the child is 12+

Class IX

If the child is 13+

As per CBSE rules.

7).what are the school timings?

Session: April to

School Timings:




8:00 – 8:10

Period 1

8:10 – 8:50

Period 2

8:50 – 9:30


9:30 – 9:40

Period 3

9:40 -10:20

Period 4

10:20 – 11:00

Period 5

11:00 – 11:40


 11:40 – 12:00

Period 6

12:00 – 12:40

Period 7

12:40 – 1:20

Period 8

1:20 – 2:00


8).which documents are required for
seeking admission.

I. Birth Certificate

II. Last Examination / Qualification Mark Sheet

III. Transfer Certificate – Original copy (if applicable)

IV. Blood Group Report

V. Aadhar card copy child

VI. Aadhar card copy father

VII. Aadhar card copy mother

VIII. Pan Card (Father/Mother/Guardian) if any

IX. Caste certificate (if applicable)

X.Photocopy of Children,His/Her
Father’s and Mother’s (5 set each)

9).Do you have transport facility?

Yes, The School has a fleet of buses which
may be utilized by students for commuting to and from School. The buses have
their fixed routes. Students must board the bus at the given location on the
main road. Those interested may enquire at the School Office or call  our
Transport Manager 9064249511 (Haridas Sikdar).

10) My child is a bit of an
introvert… how can the School help him/her to change that?

There is a difference between a shy
and an introvert child. A shy child must not be pushed and forced against their
wishes. They should be given more exposure to social events like birthday
parties or playing in groups and gently urged to participate. A child’s shyness
is not discussed in front of him/her in the School hours. We try to patiently
control them to participate in various school events and behave in a confident
manner ourselves so that children can imitate us. Games and role plays
involving social skills are regularly practiced with them.

11) What security measures have you
taken in the school?

The prime focus of
our campus security is complete perimeter sanitisation. Strict control on entry
is a key to safety and the school ensures that parents, vehicles, vendors and
service providers – use separate manned gates. Round-the-Clock security of the
campus is ensured through over 50 strategically located CCTV cameras monitored
continuously by our security personnel.

The Transport facility currently
includes 10  buses . Each bus is accompanied
by a security guard on a rotational basis and a female care giver to pick and
drop children safely from their designated bus stops. Parents/Guardians are
expected to carry the Escort Card at all times during the pick-up and drop at
any given point.

12) How does the School ensure the
safety of its students in a coeducational environment, in the residence?

We took the decision to consciously
be a co-educational school because we believe that students of all genders must
understand each other as they grow up, as this will form the base of their
future interactions with each other as well. However, while their residences
are separate, they are encouraged to study, dine and play sport together. All
activities whether academic, co-curricular or sporting are conducted under the
supervision of teachers. Adult supervision is emphasised on the campus, at all
times and is largely supported by strategically located surveillance cameras
and guards.

13) How many excursions do you have
in a year?

Every academic year starts with an
excursion. This is to create a receptive and fun environment for students who
have been recently shuffled into different sections or for those who have just
joined us. Also, students are constantly sent for Educational Day trips.No
definite number however is decided for these excursions as we believe that it
is variable to the requirements of the curriculum.

14) Are you participating in Inter
school, National and International level competitions?

Yes, to view the results of  please visit our Website www.bishnupurheritageschool.org

15) Any other hidden charges other
than the ones’ mentioned in the fee structures?

We believe in maintaining a
transparent system and hence all communication related to financials are
uploaded on the public domain for parents to take an informed decision. During
the course of the year however, if there is an event or activity that we feel
is beneficial for the students to participate in, parents are intimated via a
circular and subsequent consent is taken prior to any charges being levied.

16) How much is the annual fee
revision that a Parent needs to budget for?

As per the existing School policy,
the Annual fee revision is 5-10%. This may change depending upon circumstances
and government policies in the future.

17)What is your tuition

Since the school follows a progressive and
sophisticated methodology, external tuition and coaching classes are not
advised. In the event you would like to send your child for external classes on
any subject, we strongly urge you to discuss it with the school in advance.

18) Where can I find
information regarding Admission Procedures?

Check out our admissions page https://www.bishnupurheritageschool.org/admission/. If you don’t find what
you’re looking for, feel free to contact us.( https://www.bishnupurheritageschool.org/contact-us/)

19)What is your policy on withdrawal of a student?

Parents must inform the school one month in
advance if they wish to withdraw their child from the school.

20)How often can I see my child’s teacher?

Anytime and as many times as you wish! The
more you take an active interest in school, the happier your child are we are!
In fact, we encourage you to volunteer to take classes, organize activities,
trips, special sessions and collaborate with us in bringing up your child in
the best possible way.

21)Can I visit the campus and see the teachers?

Of course! The campus tour is conducted by
students during school hours so please contact Sabyasachi sir and let
him know when you’ll be visiting.

22) Do you have a library at Bishnupur
Heritage School-CBSE?


Bishnupur Heritage School-CBSE has a well-stocked library that has reference books for all
subjects and ages, a full-fledged Graded Reading program that supplements a
child’s growth at every stage.


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