Bishnupur Heritage School has created atmosphere which empower the student with value knowledge and skills to be successful in life. The vision of the school is to offer peaceful education to the students so as to inculcate in them the highest ethical standards and moral values. Intellectual, emotional and physical well-being will enable them to face the challenges of tomorrow all the while firmly rooted in our culture. Our Vision is to create high quality centre of learning which will perpetuate the culture of India and it’s holistic values, and to offer value education to the student.


Beyond the books Bishnupur Heritage School also has house system where the students learn the values of team spirit, peer group support, leadership, responsibilities, decision-making, commitment, group, loyalty, public speaking, intellectual, empowerment, self development and many more through house system. House system. House system consisting of four houses named after the famous

1. Ashoka
2. Shivaji
3. Vidyasagar
4. Tagore
5. C.V.Raman

The houses complete in different sporting, cultural and academic competitions and provide an excellent platform to learners of different classes and ages where they and their houses are rewarded points on their excellence and performance level. These activities run in conjunction with different departments in the schools. The teachers of each houses encourage the students of their house to demonstrate their prowess in Poetry, Drama, Dance, classics, Maths, Science, Art & Craft, Sports, Music, Debating and many more. Champion House Trophy is awarded to the house with the highest point throughout the year on the very special and grand Annual Day of the School.


Bratachari is a comprehensive programme of physical mental and intellectual culture, based on folk traditions. Our school provides all-round development of the body mind and soul through the invention of a specific tradition.


Yoga is a group of physical mental and spiritual practices. Yoga helps to improve the flexibility builds muscles strength, protects spine, increases blood flow etc. Yoga classes are provided for our students.


Competition sharpens our skill and enhances our self –confidence. So Heritage School Frequently schedule’s Inter-School cricket & Foot-ball tournaments, Debate & Lecture competitions, drawing, Quiz & Drama competitions to develop the necessary life skills, thereby heightening their proficiency.


Athletic meets have great opportunity for students to unite, ‘rejoice’, ‘introduce’ and ‘represent’ themselves. This would be a chance not only to perform but outperform themselves. Our School’s athletics culture will provide athletes with several benefits including the acquisition of valuable life skills that will benefit them through out their life.


Art & Craft is a type of art that typically refers to the assembling of handmade goods. Our school based course will develop artistic skills, help achieve creative potential & increase creativity and it also helps in refreshing their minds.


Music is the alchemy which can transform anything in gold. We provide our students with the necessary exposure to music so that they can translate their life into a harmonious symphony of hard work, compassion and knowledge.

Our school offers remedial classes in order to ensure more help and support for the slow learners and these remedial classes help to pay individual attention to the low achiever in the class.

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